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Change the sign for China Eastern Airlines ticket price: 2600 yuan upgrade fee
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According to Voice of "news evening peak," reported in a recent President said that his niece China Eastern Airlines booking air tickets from Shanghai to London 改签 fees to 2,600 yuan. Mr. Yu was an application in the Eastern time 改签 was asked to pay up to 6,000 yuan to 13,000 yuan 改签 minimum fee, the last is the President's efforts, the Change a fee dropped to 2,600 yuan. Mr. Yu said in an interview when the issue of a print out of the China Eastern Airlines e-ticketing alone, the reporter found that booking fee agreement altered tickets £ 60, equivalent to more than 600 yuan, that he was clearly the price is 600 yuan, but China Eastern Airlines responded that the upgrade fee is 2,600 yuan.