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Kunming Airport a man carries 50 rounds of rifle ammunition To check was stopp
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Plane, take the VIP access, and consequently can take it? T-shirt carries a bullet, a swagger through the VIP access, that no one will find that the results did not expect airport security but was caught. Recently, an opportunity to carry passengers through the 50 rounds of rifle ammunition For Wujiaba Kunming International Airport security BEST channel, was seized and turned over to airport security staff deal with public security. At 7:40 on November 16, Kunming airport security detachment of four by five security personnel are on duty channel BEST. At this point, a male passenger into the security channel. When the boot by X-ray machine for the staff to carry passengers to check the items, found in the passenger's jacket hiding a large number of rifle bullets. So, start position number of each member to immediately implies strengthening inspection, after receiving the command, the number of screeners bit split up, effectively brought under control the man, and the implementation of strict inspection. After a second review rule out potential safety problems, the screeners were on the inventory of seized ammunition, 50 rounds of rifle ammunition recognized. Subsequently, the security officer to man and his goods to the Airport Police for further processing.
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