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10 action " plane be in danger saves oneself skill " help you handle urgent cris
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Travel by plane, safety factor is big, but because inevitable also plane is mechanical reason, weather reason, operate reason and other reason produce an accident. As the passenger, should learn when plane be in danger and master the skill that save oneself, ensure with this the life of oneself is safe. For this, when plane be in danger the passenger basically should have done following works:

One, be in when the plane in flight process when be in danger, passenger must calm, sober, must not panic-stricken. Because not sober, alarmed, not only of no help, can cause bigger risk instead.

2, the passenger is become when plane be in danger, must comply with the direct of the steward in aircrew and sky, act according to their instruction, absolutely cannot do sth without authorization acts. Such not only adverse oneself are safe, also can give whole avoid bring nearly adverse.

3, when if fly,opportunity risk needs crash, the passenger answers the direct according to the steward in sky, the keen article that harms the likelihood the body instantly gets off, female comrade should shuck off filar socks and high-heeled shoes, put these goods in the pocket of plane seat the reverse side, and furl teapoy.

4, the passenger helps straight the back of the chair up, put on all dresses, if cap and glove also are worn, fasten good safety belt.

5, the article that the passenger still can wait for blanket softness right now fills up the waist in oneself, can protect the waist to suffer harm less so.

6, the method that staff of the unit before plane crash can protect ego teachs a passenger, everybody can undertake according to measure, part double leg, lower one's head, and two tactics captures double leg.

7, plane be about to when touchdown, pilot can issue final statement, at this moment the passenger should capture two tactics forcibly double leg, breathless, make systemic muscle insecurity rises, antagonism outside force, avoid the violent impact when plane touchdown.

8, when the plane leaving after out of danger, the passenger should await a plane to stop safety belt of the unlock on firm wheeler, according to the instruction of aircrew and steward order ground leaves a plane quickly.

9, if plane crash is on surface when, the passenger should aerate airjacket first put on, when after the plane on join of a light boat of emergency treatment boat, again by ship a light boat leaves a plane quickly.

10, after the passenger leaves plane of be in danger, should be in appoint a place to assemble, so that deal with the other arrangements after plane crash.

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