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Air company clarifies Guo Taihang to buy England to carry a banner innocently ai
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"These hearsay are without factual basis, we did not plan and buy Ying Hang. " on October 23, limited company of aviation of peaceful of Hong Kong country (Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, abbreviation " country peaceful " ) news spokesman sent urgent and clear announcement to our newspaper. This company points to, it is Reuter first about the country Tai Youxing interest buys Europe the 3rd carry a banner with England greatly airline England airline (British Airways, abbreviation " Ying Hang " ) report.

In fact, the hearsay on London market, had caused the hype of pair of flower boat stocks. On October 22, ying Hang is in London of bourse receive market price to go against city to rise 4% , close at 148.1 penny, become drop that day the London Fuji of 4.5% 100 indexes composition medium litres the biggest person. Ying Hang chooses to keep silence right now, express not to comment on hearsay and speculation, this deepens the congenial mood of the market greatly.

And the analyst also is opposite of the market guess add fuel to the fire. The opinion of one faceless analyst points to Reuter quote, country peaceful is to buy Ying Hang's ideal to buy the home, because this satisfied British law completely,superintend a requirement. It is reported, at present the European Union prohibits investor of any blame European Union have the rights and interests of more than 49.9% in the airline of the European Union, as a result of flower endowment remote antiquity (00019.HK) controlling a country peaceful 4 into equity, peaceful can enjoy the country the airline pay of European Union country. And, country peaceful and Ying Hang are congeneric the 3rd large alliance -- extensive region eaves (Oneworld Alliance) member.

Opportunity also very delicate. Began on October 25, international aviation carries association (International Air Transport Association, IATA, abbreviation " international boat assist " ) the peak will be held to meet in Istanbul, meantime will discuss airline cross situation integrated problem.

Although,do not pass country peaceful is incorrect this hearsay is made clear, hong Kong market already also made doubt -- 22 days, country peaceful closing quotation drops 3.5% . Public data shows, ying Hang's current market prise is 1.7 billion pound, add up to 20 billion HK dollar about, and country peaceful this year in the newspaper shows period inside deficit amounts to 663 million HK dollar. Magenshidanli is in on October 23 the country the grade of peaceful from decrease hold on move to neuter, but its target price is reduced from 12 HK dollar to 9.5 HK dollar, because big rub anticipate tomorrow two years country caustic of peaceful general occurrence net loss.

And peaceful is in the country the airline of Singapore of the biggest rival of Asia-Pacific market (Singapore Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " new boat " ) , the adversary England with the biggest market of flower boat mainland has been in before this airline of dimension precious Atlantic (Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. , abbreviation " Wei Zhenhang is empty " ) share 49% , nevertheless this one investment is thought by the market all the time insufficient ideal, become object new boat becoming a shareholder last year Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) one of main reason. And peaceful is in the country and buy limited company of Hong Kong Dragon Air (Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited, abbreviation " Dragon Air " ) , with Inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, abbreviation " country boat " ) implementation across is held hind, amalgamative without farther seek: Be opposite for example the limited company of aviation of pleasant spring Hong Kong that goes bankrupt this year (Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " pleasant spring aviation " ) , country peaceful still is searched in its accept dish of person when clarity shows fine long hair is halfhearted take over.
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