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Company of group of Chinese aviation industry plans to hanged out his shingle fo
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On October 24, company of group of Chinese aviation industry (next weighing " in boat industry " : AVIC) plan to hang out his shingle formally. Before this, boat industry CEO holds general manager Lin Zunming concurrently to express in, industry of former China aviation company of the first group (in order to say " one boat of Chinese " : China Aviation Industry Corporation I) , country aviation industry company of the 2nd group (next weighing " 2 boat of Chinese " : China Aviation Industry Corporation II) already undertook operational according to a group.

A message personage tells our newspaper: "Hang out his shingle this the ceremony is very low-key, will undertake inside little scope. New group already obtained the State Council to examine and approve, but have not deal with industrial and commercial formalities. But have not deal with industrial and commercial formalities..

In addition, our newspaper learns, in member of boat industry total controller, tall canal, leading Party group already obtained order of commission of the State Council, country endowment respectively. In boat industry will according to the mother child polar structure undertakes administrative, include new headquarters and subsidiary and career department.

Disclose according to afore-mentioned personages, the new headquarters of boat industry is divided in for 14 branches, it is manger department, strategy respectively culture of ministry of safety of department of government of ministry of program ministry, management ministry, science and technology and informatization ministry, international general affairs, capital operation ministry, financial management ministry, manpower resource ministry, major project, quality, policy and ministry of legal general affairs, company.

"Predict new group hangs out his shingle after a month, the subsidiary below the banner also will hang out his shingle formally, each subsidiary is prepared and staff invite applications for a job is being advanced actively in. The capital of every subsidiary is run reach appear on the market to undertake independence. Many 20 when boat industry standard falls in appear on the market company, in will installing 6 big subsidiary respectively according to different business category. " this personage says.

In 6 subsidiary are boat industry respectively transport company, engine company, helicopter company, system company, global aircraft company, medium boat ability company. Department of trade of two important matters is ministry of career of matters pertaining to defense and ministry of capital government facilities.

"Matters pertaining to defense is established be not subsidiary for career ministry, because its involve martial business,be, inconvenience appears on the market operation. " message personage explains further.

Our newspaper learns solely, 6 big subsidiary and part of estate of two important matters did not hold water to prepare a group, run relevant hang out one's shingle matters concerned, by in leader of deputy total level holds the position of boat industry group to prepare group group leader each. Press Lin Zunming's design, will hold each other between subsidiary, also can appear on the market actively in the future, include to be in A and abroad appear on the market.
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