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Lift a ban of the course austral Dong Hangyun restores " lost territory " still
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Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) " return to base the door " drew pause. Management board of civil aviaton southwest confirms to morning paper yesterday, dong Hang general returns to base at because air man is collective,restoring 26 days in the round this month the Kunming of incident grounding of aircraft comes Dali, on the west the airliner of course of double edition accept, and the gross of 6 course airliner that before waiting to Li Jiang, Kunming decreases by tone also will restore one by one. Arrive from suspend air or shipping service answer fly, dong Hang is inside Yunnan airspace " fall " full half an year.

Yesterday of Dong Hang high level (22) day expresses to the reporter, bureau of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) give Dong Hang to recover the written reply to a subordinate body of the airliner before fortnight about. This high level says: "Future we will make the task item that flies about highland with the civil aviation bureau, the hope can introduce more and advanced flight device Yunnan the flight of each course comes up. The hope can introduce more and advanced flight device Yunnan the flight of each course comes up..

Suffer tired " return to base the door "

This year on March 31, 14 airliners that the branch austral Dong Hangyun takes off to save 6 land to Yunnan from Kunming all appear midway returns to base circumstance. Morrow, again 3 planes return to base with same way. Occurrence incur loss through delay of implicative because of this not little airliner, a large number of passengers stay in the airport.

Classics state civil aviation bureau is investigated after, in 21 airliners only 3 are reasonable return to base, equipment of coding of partial flight number is abnormal. The civil aviation bureau is maintained, return to base incident, advocate of the cause of technology of a blame that if flight personnel of minority of the branch austral Dong Hangyun ignores place of passenger rights and interests,causes return to base incident. Returned to base to incident disturbs and destroy normal aviation to run order, cause abominable effect.

Accordingly, management board of southwest of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " management board of civil aviaton southwest " ) stopped Dong Hangkun since May 4 right of administration of course of accept of Ming Xishuang edition, Dali. And these two course are regarded as all the time inside course of study " gold course " . At the same time cut this company Kunming comes Li Jiang, medium city of pasture, awn, face dark blue, think of cogongrass, Wen Shan about 20 airliners of 6 city.

Restore " lost territory " still twist hard deficient

"Return to base the door " besides bring abominable society to affect to Dong Hang, still brought huge pecuniary loss. Dong Hang showed in the announcement of end in April, the punishment of course will bring about future directly 8 months company advocate battalion income reduces 405 million yuan.
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