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Shanghai first forging two people win case of aviation danger guarantee slip pun
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Channel of xinhua net Shanghai on October 24 message: Accident of this city aviation is cheated nearly protect the first case to was in a few days ago open a court session of court of people of Pu Tuo division is tried. Because sell nearly 20 thousand pieces of false guarantee slip, gain profit illegally agent of two more than yuan 32 thousand primary insurance is parted to sentence a set term of imprisonment 3 years with crime of fraud, probation 3 years, punish gold 10 thousand yuan.

Of this bilk case only then Wang Mou of the person that make tomb figure and Guan Mou all act as agent for insurance from personnel of course of study. Last year the beginning of the year, they are sure to act as agent with this city the name of the company, "Borrow housing " have insurance representative business, subsequently with manage " boat idea a place difficult of access " of business " Ruifude " insurance company negotiates and signed " insurance holds employment contract book concurrently " , those who begin a representative to sell this company to roll out " injury insurance of public traffic accident " guarantee slip of a place difficult of access of idea waiting for boat. But, as a result of " Ruifude " the price that guarantee slip of boat idea a place difficult of access moves on the company, two people discover originally every guarantee slip the 0.3 profit to 0.5 yuan already were gobbled up, produced the idea that sells false guarantee slip to make money.

Two people with every pieces of 1 yuan cost, the member that trust illegal person printed guarantee slip of several a place difficult of access of idea of Zhang Kongbai boat, be in whole town be commissioned to sell sth of each big airline ticket orders put on sale, in half an year, two people already sold false guarantee slip nearly 20 thousand pieces, gain profit illegally more than yuan 60 thousand. This year April, be in " Ruifude " in the market research process of the company, this " a place difficult of access of idea of Shanghai Shanghai Airline is cheated protect case " rise to surface eventually. After the thing discloses, two people realized the seriousness of the problem, to Shanghai the bureau that keep watch is forged for narrating according to the facts and sell the fact of false guarantee slip, active to " Ruifude " the company makes compensation.

Cognizance of court of people of general Tuo division thinks, wang Mou, Guan Mou is a purpose with detinue, use the dummy fact, method that hides the fact, diddle other property, amount is huge, its behavior already all constituted crime of fraud, but have considering two people confess one's crime clue, freewill contrition, make afore-mentioned court decisions then.

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