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How does the sort of the plane differentiate?
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PlaneWhat classify a standard according to its is different, can have differentiate below method:

1. The utility that presses a plane differentiates, have the branch of civil aviation plane and national aviation aircraft. National aviation aircraft is to point to the use aircraft such as legionary, police and custom, civil aviation plane basically is to point to civil aircraft and helicopter, civil aircraft shows civil plane, cargo aircraft and customer money are amphibious machine.

2. Press the type cent of aircraft engine, have the branch of propeller-driven aircraft and jet aircraft. Machine of airscrew Shi Fei, include piston airscrew type plane and turbine airscrew type plane, aircraft engine is piston airscrew type, this is the most primitive motivation form. It uses the roll of airscrew to use air to machine pusher, borrow its counterforce to drive plane advancement. Airscrew rotate speed heals tall, fly speed heals fast. Jet aircraft, include eddy to regard fan jet aircraft by jet-propelled and eddy. The advantage of this kind of type is a structure simple, rate is rapid, general speed per hour can amount to 500-600 mile; Fuel cost is economic, load is big, can carry guest 400-500 person or 100 tons of goods commonly.

The 3 engine amounts that press a plane are divided, have stand-alone (motive) plane, double hair (motive) plane, 3 hair (motive) plane, 4 hair (motive) the cent of the plane.

4. Press the flight speed cent of the flight, have the branch of subsonic speed plane and supersonic speed plane, subsonic speed plane divides low speed plane again (flight speed under 400 kilometers / hour) with high subsonic speed plane (flight rate Mach number is 0.8-0.9) . Most jet aircraft is plane of high subsonic speed.

5. Press the cent of range far and near of the plane, have short range, intermediate range, long-range aircraft not. The farthermost range of long-range aircraft is 17000 kilometers left and right sides, can finish midway nonstop intercontinental to step appearance flight. The range of medium-haul aircraft is 3500 kilometers left and right sides, the range of short range plane is less than 1000 kilometers commonly. Short range plane is used at branch line commonly, because this calls branch line the plane again. Medium, long-range aircraft is used at domestic artery and international course commonly, weigh trunk plane again.

Total bureau of our country civil aviaton is to use sit by plane passenger number differentiates big, medium, small-sized plane, the guest of the plane sits number is below in 100 small-sized, 100-200 between for medium-sized, 200 above are large. Range is short distance below in 2400km, intermediate range is between 2400-4800Km, 4800KM above is long-range. But classified standard is of relative to character.

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