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Aviation fuel
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Current, the aviation fuel that place of world each airline uses basically has two kinds big: Aviation benzine and jet fuel, part of applicable and different typePlaneEngine. Aviation benzine is used in the fuel of piston aviation engine. Aviation piston engine and principle of work of average car engine are same, just power is great, self-prossessed a few lighter, ask to have similar place with motor gasoline to aviation petrolic quality consequently. This kind of engine is used at a few auxiliary machine to plant only now, wait like machine of helicopter, communication, atmosphere machine, so corresponding aviation petrolic dosage also decreases greatly. As the development of aviation industry and civil aviaton career, the dynamical plant of the air bus of civil aviaton is replaced by turbine reaction engine stage by stage. This kind of engine drives a plane to fly ahead, through burning fuel change is thrust of generation burning gas, use fuel calls jet fuel, belong to kerosene more as a result of domestic and international global production and the jet fuel that use extensively model, say normally so for aviation kerosene, abbreviation boat coal.

A few advanced air bus resemble Boeing 747 etc can be in 10 thousand meters over altitude flight, engine must get used to tall vacant oxygen, baric and air temperature, inferior abominable view ought to clear and transparent, do not contain suspension and sedimentationed mechanical impurity and water portion; Boat coal is due still better microtherm sex, invariability, evaporate gender, lubricity and without caustic, rise not easily electrostatic with fire hazard sex small wait for a characteristic. These function have accurate data directive to express. Boat coal is make what come out from the abstraction in crude oil with fabricating via direct practice, average yield is not high, hundred what take crude oil only. To adjust product index, want to add the additive of proper sort and amount sometimes.

Load railroad through conduit via the boat oil of certificate of proof special tank car or tanker, carry comes library of civil aviaton oil storage, oil tank is entered after classics assay is eligible again. Oil of the boat in coal tub passes proper time sedimentation, portion of the free impurity that makes contain, water sinks coal tub bottom, it is by float straw next inside coal tub from above to below will be oily inspiratory oil pump, in oil tank of very close from machine level ground bad news oil depot is being carried after pressurization. Again classics assay, the canister after qualification enters special tank truck, leave to fall to plane ala, in adding oil its gasoline tank; The pipe laying that perhaps falls in machine level ground by laid is added in plane gasoline tank through be defeated by oily establishment technically. Boat oil joins plane gasoline tank from the debus in tank car, whole process is passed commonly 3 filter subtly to above, filter goes foreign matter and water portion. Every link has the measure of form a complete set to control quality, rigid operating rules operates the working personnel, the qualification of oily quality quantity that is added in order to assure to the plane and amount are exact without by accident the company that airport of most civil aviaton has major to manage boat oil or its clique orgnaization, the plane that stops for come-and-go classics provides fuel and relevant service. Be in Chinese each airport, by the workers of the head office of Chinese aviation oil plants of total bureau of directly under civil aviaton the plane that finish is cheered.
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