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Thailand Bangkok airport serves a guideline
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Thailand Bangkok airport serves a guideline
The passenger serves
The airport serves:
Always the passenger of International Airport of go by Bangkok, no matter be international course or domestic line, need to enter the bar capture that close to hand in a passenger to serve cost in the airport. International course passenger is one person 200 an ancient unit of weight, domestic line passenger each 30 an ancient unit of weight. Ask an attention: Always the passport is in when entering a country already by the foreign passenger of impression, all be regarded as already entered Thailand territory. Accordingly, they need capture to pay a passenger service fee when leave a country.
Baggage serves
Baggage check

The room of baggage leave in the care of of Bangkok airport collects fees everyday to every baggage for 20 an ancient unit of weight, deposit 3 months at most. Phone: Baggage of 535-1250, 535-1255 serves (lose with inquiry) enter a country bar of baggage report the loss of sth is set in the hall, a week 7 days, everyday 24 hours have service of person specially assigned for a task. You are in if machine go up or on airline bus inadvertent losing, please instantly the airline related contact. Phone: 535-2173, 535-2811, 535-2812.

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