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Airport of Korea Ren Chuan serves a guideline
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Airport of Korea Ren Chuan serves a guideline
The passenger serves
The airport serves:
A favourable turn:
In the passenger of a favourable turn of next planes
- organic ticket (boarding check) passenger
Complete checkpoint is installed in a favourable turn of nearby (2 buildings) after safety of conduction baggage article is checked, go upstairs to layer setting out (3 buildings) .
- without airline ticket (boarding check) passenger
Turning the bar of a favourable turn that takes airline (2 buildings) change boarding check, after conduction safety is checked, go upstairs to layer setting out.
Through safety of a favourable turn checkpoint arrives layer setting out (3 buildings) arrive before the passenger sets out 40 minutes turn by the board the planing of the airliner the mouth waits board the plane. The passenger that waits for long can be in duty-free inn (3 buildings) shop, can use computer room of game of guesthouse of a favourable turn, massage room, shower room, electron to wait for conveniences of a favourable turn (4 buildings) .
Leave the country:
Airport facilities:

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