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Macao International Airport serves a guideline
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Macao International Airport serves a guideline
The passenger serves
The airport serves:
Notice of a favourable turn
The passenger of all a favourable turn guides the hall of leave a country of first floor to wait a favourable turn by airport personnel, the passenger can head for information desk to enquire the visa data of the airliner that receive refute and destination.
Touch bay:
Enter a country formalities but at building of airport passenger transport of every edge enter a country bar is dealt with. Macao is uptodate offer for 50 over countries avoid visa to enter a country. Other makes multilateral home enter a country the visa formalities of Macao but at entering a country the visa bar before bar is dealt with. If be about to consult,avoid visa country list, welcome to browse:
Leave a country:
Layer of leave a country is located in first floor of passenger transport building. Its design is special the marble area that type includes to be imported by Pu country and mark are worn the brick wall of Macao history. Except deal with outside entering brake and formalities of leave a country commonly, layer of leave a country sets the office of a postal office and baggage that get. Come by leave a country is big entrance board the plane corridor is 67 meters endlong.


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