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Japan is new 1000 years old of airports serve a guideline
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Japan is new 1000 years old of airports serve a guideline
The passenger serves
The airport serves:
Comprehensive information station:
Business content: 1, information of each service inside the house 2, reserve a hotel 3, the plane takes off, arrive, information of incur loss through delay 4, traffic information (take JR electric car. Public transportation bus. Airport bus)   5, Hokkaido sightseeing information (thematic Eden. The recreational establishment such as ski field. Data of travel tourist attraction)   6, sell freeway card wait
Business hours: 1F: 8: 00 ?22: 00   2F: 6: 50 ?21: 00
Airport facilities:

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Have dinner: 3F is new building of machine of Hou of 1000 years old of airports shares office of various dining-room, coffee more than 30, the shop playing a side that represents Hokkaido gust among them most the reception that gets tourist.

Shop: 3F silvers coin except common free commodities outside wine, Japan wine, cigarette, perfume, cosmetic, still sell the travel merchandise that has Japanese distinguishing feature, local speciality, breed various, have everything that one expects to find. In the airport duty-free inn buys commodity to be able to use close an account of international credit card, yen, dollar, the small change that seeks when use dollar settle accounts has yen only, notice please.

The airport looks into hall: 4F business hours: On April 1 ?on November 30 8: 00 ?18: 00 (6, 7, 8, in September)   9: 00 ?17: 00 (4, 5, 10, in November)