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Japan serves a guideline into cropland airport
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Japan serves a guideline into cropland airport
The passenger serves
The airport serves:
1, of the airport that become field the 2nd await machine building 3 buildings leave a port to be in in the center of the hall and board the plane bar of 4 department information is set in all inside the building, 1 building touchs harbor hall to set bar of 2 department information in all, provide all sorts of news services that use about the airport for the passenger.
Webpage: Http://www.narita-airport.or.jp/airport/ (Japanese)
2, the airport that become field offers what reach flight number leaving port about all international home to arrive at, the message that leaves harbor, incur loss through delay, still can consult in the bar of each airline the manifest that takes a scheduled flight. Above information can carry the means inquiry of Internet and speech phone.
Webpage inquiry: Http://www.narita-airport.or.jp/airport/flight/index.html (Japanese)
Phone inquiry: 0476-34-5000(speech phone)
The phone uses a method to consult: Http://www.narita-airport.or.jp/airport/flight/index.html
Airport facilities:
Rest hall: The journey for the passenger is relaxed and happy, the airport that become field was installed a lot of rest place, offer all sorts of service facilities to the passenger. The setting is in this house of 3 buildings hall setting out " the TV that become field " program of the travel inside all sorts of establishment that become cropland airport to tourist introduction with huge fluorescent screen screen, Japan, travel is basic information and abroad are special travel program.
Have dinner: Into cropland airport building of machine of the 2nd Hou shares office of dining-room, coffee 32. There still is Chinese meal, Western-style food, snack to wait outside eat of the type that eliminate day. The characteristic of coffee hall more having a unique style, can drink coffee at the same time, the takeoff that views and admire a plane at the same time and descend, experience international journey to stimulate, this kind pleased also cannot get anyhow elsewhere.

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