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Big talk beautiful airport - big talk is beautiful orchid the International Airp
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3 inferior the airport - 3 inferior phoenix International Airport serves a guideline

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3 inferior brief introduction of phoenix International Airport:

3 inferior phoenix International Airport is domestic trunk airport, cover an area of a face to accumulate 463.32 hectare, track is 3400 meters long, 60 meters wide, flight division grade is the 4E class standard that international Civil Aviation Organization establishs, can satisfy Boeing 747, 400 wait for large airlines to carry a falling requirement completely, aircraft parking area but at the same time safe place 20 large and medium-sized plane.
3 inferior seat of phoenix International Airport 3 inferior city is famed city of global intertropical seaside travel, by praise call " east is Hawaiian " , the success held total final of young lady of the 53rd world here, total final of young lady of the 54th world also will continue to hold at was here December this year. 3 inferior phoenix International Airport is apart from 3 inferior downtown 15 kilometers, east look into the distance from a high place 3 inferior bay and " the deer turns round " , look on the west " the remotest corners of the earth " , north relies on phoenix hill, na Bin Southern China.
3 inferior phoenix International Airport is mixed with its individual situation travel resource advantage, airport of the international course that is determined to be Chinese head home to secure by international Civil Aviation Organization, airliner and international equipment fall the airport. Show 106 to already opened line, the course inside its China 103, international area secures line 3, travel temporarily charter flight course more than 20; Execute 24 hours to open to the outside world namely since be open to navigation or air traffic, execute to passenger of international area airliner " be born visa " (deadline is 3, 6 months) favourable policy, since 2001 the country approves the group passenger to 21 countries, execute inside 15 days " avoid visa " , went to the lavatory to travel goes sightseeing and lie fallow greatly the passenger that go vacationing.
In May 2002, suffer government of Hainan provincial Party committee, province to entrust operation of sea boat group to run phoenix airport, lifted 3 inferior the new one page on history of phoenix International Airport. Since sea boat group entrusts operation, phoenix airport faces group of the boat that receive the sea to run mode and system completely, await flow of machine building first phase to transform reach project of relevant form a complete set to be finished smoothly, company image gets brand-new model; Study company culture deep, popularize project of common feelings of people in the round, employee spiritual outlook looks brand-new. Have the honor to win " countrywide user satisfaction serves " , 3 inferior city " safe production is advanced unit " , " fire control of full-time of enterprise of 2003 year Hainan assesses the first end of the year " , " satisfaction of Hainan province user serves an unit " , have the honor to win " Hainan saves industry to develop, company image produced the change of world-shaking.
One, seize the opportunity flow:
1, international flow setting out: Buy the airport to build cost, customs inspection, conduction value examination of machine, frontier defence, safe examination, appoint a place to await machine, board the plane
2, international arrives at flow: Examine examination of visa of quarantine, be born, frontier defence, baggage is gotten, customs inspection, arrive at the hall
3, domestic flow setting out: Buy the airport to build cost, conduction value machine, safe examination, appoint a place to await machine, board the plane
4, home arrives at flow: Baggage hall baggage is gotten, the hall that welcome guest
2, service facilities:
1, the tourist guide serves: Be located in home to set out await machine hall, can accurate guiding passenger direction, careful answer passenger asks ask, solve the of all kinds question that the passenger raises patiently, offer a help in time to inconvenient passenger.
2, be located in await machine building center of 2 halls setting out, responsible airliner information serves, solve a passenger all sorts of problems, introductory airport serves establishment and item.
3, lost property announce the finding of lost property serves: Be in charge of those who await lost property of the passenger inside machine building accepting, custodial, claim works, the passenger that helps inquiry losing seeks lost property. The position: Ask stage, phone 0898 - 88289390.
4, baggage check serves: Offer baggage to access a service for the passenger. The position: Ask stage, phone 0898 - 88289390.
5, medical treatment serves: Center of medical treatment emergency treatment is set inside 2 buildings hall setting out, can provide the visit a patient at home inside the airport, first aid, reach an ambulance to receive send, transmit the service such as the patient,
6, meal shopping service: Basically set upstair to set out formalities hall and await machine hall, offer the meal such as sale of special local product of free commodities, Hainan and coffee, fruit juice, food to supply a service.
3, traffic facilities:
1, course of passenger regular bus: Await machine building (first floor) , Oriental big public house, car terminal, ; of phoenix airport booking office
2, taxi: About the RMB can arrive at downtown 50 yuan.