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Shenyang airport - Shenyang peach celestial being International Airport brief in
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Shenyang airport - Shenyang peach celestial being International Airport brief introduction

Current, the course of Jing Taoxian International Airport in all more than 70, among them, domestic line 55, international and area course 16: City of be open to navigation or air traffic 58, among them, domestic town 42, city of international, area 16; Share 13 airline to execute airliner mission, among them, domestic company 8, foreign company 5; Sign aviation representative agreement with 34 airline, formed enclothe northeast inferior the route network of the area. Await machine building area to be 70 thousand much square metre, design year of passenger handling capacity to be 6.06 million person-time. Airport passenger handling capacity, goods mail handling capacity broke through 300 perfect man first respectively 2003 second mix 80 thousand tons, achieve the history new tall.

Shenyang peach celestial being the International Airport is airport of national first-class trunk, northeast area aviation carries a key position, situation is advantageous, city of ministry of the Shen Zhong that it is distant group of 24 million population common the airport. It is a center with the airport, be apart from Shenyang downtown 20 kilometers, be apart from this world of hill of n, Benxi, saddle, Tie Ling, distant the city such as battalion mouth all does not exceed 100 kilometers, pass freeway and each city to form radiation to join.


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