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Zhengzhou airport - International Airport brief introduction of Zhengzhou new Zh
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Zhengzhou airport - International Airport brief introduction of Zhengzhou new Zheng

On August 28, 1997 the airport of Zhengzhou new Zheng of be open to navigation or air traffic is designed according to internationalization standard, field path distribution is equitable, establishment function is perfect, grade of airport flight division is 4E class, track is 3400 meters long, 60 meters wide, can satisfy the biggest B747 on eye preexistence bound---400 model fall since the plane. Area of aircraft parking area 110 thousand square metre, but at the same time park 12 large airlineses.

The International Airport is located in Zhengzhou new Zheng Central Plains hinterland, those who be located in our country's busiest Beijing wide air route is mid, mix in foreland again western the area combines a part, because this is hub of the traffic in our country's important trunk airport and sky. It is located in direction of Zhengzhou city southeast, be apart from Zhengzhou urban district to be apart from 15 kilometers point-blank, be apart from new Zheng urban district to be apart from 20 kilometers point-blank.


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