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Shenzhen airport - Shenzhen Baoan International Airport serves a guideline
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Shenzhen airport - Shenzhen Baoan International Airport serves a guideline
Shenzhen Baoan International Airport at formal on October 12, 1991 be open to navigation or air traffic, existing runway (3400m х 45m) , taxiway each 1, gross area of level ground of guest, cargo aircraft 530 thousand square metre, seat number 49 (among them close seat number 20) , 1# , 2# awaits machine building gross area 110 thousand square metre, parking lot car 1350, in addition still have year of processing capacity 200 thousand tons modern goods stands, berth of kiloton class goods and passenger of condition of Guangdong province discrepancy's most passenger transport dock. Be apart from urban distance-----32 kilometers; 86-755-27776789 turns departmental door; 86-755-27776043

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is located in Guangdong to save Pearl River mouth east on the Campagna of a seaside of the bank, geographical coordinate is the east longitude 113 ° 49' , north latitude 22 ° 36' , cover an area of kilometer of area 10.8 square.

One, the passenger seizes the opportunity flow
1, baggage bales: If you have the word that consigns baggage, suggest to before you are consigned, bale baggage, in order to facilitate safety is consigned
2, buy the airport to build cost: Cost of domestic airport construction is everybody 50 yuan, 12 years old of the following children are avoided hand in. International Airport duty is everybody 90 yuan, 12 years old of the following children are avoided hand in. Passenger of the pass through the territory of a country inside 24 hours is avoided hand in, hold diplomatic passport passenger to avoid hand in
3, formalities of conduction value opportunity: The cost is handled by the effective certificate such as airline ticket and Id in value opportunity bar machine formalities and consign baggage. Do procedure of good value opportunity, your general arrives boarding check, catchword and plane seat board the plane those who indicate you on boarding check.
4, safe examination: Deal with formalities of good value opportunity, you the accessibility hall that install check, enter by the mouth that install check await engine office. When passing the mouth that install check, accept the safe inspection of the staff member that install check by the regulation please. Do not carry kitchen knife, clipper, large fruit knife, handicraft please cutting tool and other edge tool, blunt implement, the article such as emulation toy pistol takes a plane, confiscate by the regulation otherwise
5, await machine: Before you can show the directive of big screen according to boarding check or boat, go to board the plane accordingly mouth
6, board the plane: When boarding the plane, queue up by order please, after showing boarding check, can board the plane

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