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Nanjing airport - the International Airport serves Nanjing salary mouth guidelin
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Nanjing airport - the International Airport serves Nanjing salary mouth guideline

The airport is built the track that has to grow 3600 meters 60 meters wide mixes 3600 meters wide the 45 taxiway of rice, and establishment of the corresponding lamplight that aid boat, can satisfy of all kinds transport rises again completely on the world fall; Await machine building floor area 132 thousand square metre, execute billabong of harbor of pass in and out; The goods inside library of storehouse of airport freight transport handles a ground to accumulate 6700 square metre, the earth's surface of field of the processing outside the library accumulates 40 thousand square metre, have special goods to handle ability; Area of machine level ground 447 thousand square metre (contain level ground of cargo aircraft of sixty-five thousand seven hundred square metre) .

Nanjing salary mouth goods mail handling capacity amounted to the International Airport 2004 138 thousand tons, it is in 126 civil airports of domestic, rank the 10th; passenger to recieve a quantity 4.574 million person-time, rank 15.

The International Airport is located in Nanjing salary mouth ministry of southeast of city of Jiangsu province Nanjing, be apart from Nanjing downtown linear distance is 35.8 kilometers. Airport headroom condition is good, facilities facilities advanced, form a complete set is complete. Already built airport of a 29 kilometers to the airport from the urban district special freeway, join Shanghai peace, Ning Hang, peace is connected, wait for a freeway repeatedly rather, ground transportation is very convenient.

Nanjing salary mouth the International Airport is formal on Feburary 28, 1995 start working, hong Kong returned to day of formal be open to navigation or air traffic of the motherland on July 1. Of the same age on November 18, via approval of the State Council, nanjing salary mouth the International Airport is open to foreign book plane.
Nanjing salary mouth the International Airport is China's important trunk airport, it is the main freight airport of Hua Dong area, it is equipment to fall with each other of airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge, Pudong airport the airport. Overall planning is year of flight 360 thousand sortie, year passenger handling capacity 40 million person-time, goods mails handling capacity 1 million tons. The airport is executed " program, build in installment " . First phase project according to year fly sixty-nine thousand six hundred sortie, height hour 4000 person-time, year passenger handling capacity 12 million person-time, handling capacity of mail of special purchases for the Spring Festival is mixed one hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred tons dimensions of class of flight division 4E designs construction.

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