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White cloud airport - Guangzhou Xin Baiyun International Airport serves a guidel
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White cloud airport - Guangzhou Xin Baiyun International Airport serves a guideline

Brief introduction of Guangzhou Xin Baiyun International Airport:

Area of station of new airport boat is the core area of passenger activity, include building of passenger ship station, boat to provide control tower and integrated building, parking lot (building) reach airport hotel to wait. Among them, building of passenger ship station by advocate building, join building, show corridor is mixed wear Lian Lang high composition of construction of 4 old buildings. Thing building of two arc join will advocate wear hotel of Lian Lang, airport, parking lot building, high (building) surround meantime, through convenient road system join makes a close together and fluent whole. Two side installed north and south of building of boat station original poster symmetrically north and south leaves a port to wear a road high, passenger leaving port goes up continuously via this advocate the building does ticket hall 2 layers; Pass join building to harbor passenger each exit are rapid the ground is scattered; Parking lot in installed trestle of a circumgyrate, form unobstructed of north and south of building of boat station original poster not to have network of two annulus of block road, increased the traffic dredge capacity of boat station building. The guest that takes the subway stands in boat the underground on 2 platforms of underground of original poster building can take elevator to arrive directly at building of boat station original poster after office of a station

Guangzhou Xin Baiyun International Airport is located in Guangzhou city north, person of white cloud area and town and flower Ou Xinhua presses down a boundary, be apart from show white cloud airport to be apart from about 17 kilometers point-blank, be apart from Guangzhou downtown- - sea bead square is apart from about 28 kilometers point-blank. New airport traffic is convenience, cent arranges line of Beijing wide railroad, 107 nations and 106 nations line west, side is tightened east face 105 countries road, new airport freeway regards Guangzhou city as upper traffic main artery, can connect Beijing bead, wide wait for a freeway greatly, will bead the guest freight flow of trigonometry area carries Xin Baiyun International Airport quickly.
Airport of new white cloud is a country one of airports of 3 large key positions, it is the airport that our country is designed first times according to centre airport concept and builds more. Quiet and tastefully laid out and complete and the project building that has distinguishing feature alone, advanced service facilities, comfortable await machine environment and safe and efficient safeguard ability to will make bound of one's life experience of ascend of Xin Baiyun airport top-ranking the cavalcade of airport.
2 do ticket hall.
One, seize the opportunity flow:
1, domestic flight number:
(1) is in an electron to show the hint of the card according to entrance of hall setting out, to corresponding bar, get the boarding check, luggage that make use by the effective identity document such as Id, airline ticket. Hall setting out divides date and office of 1 2 values opportunity, boat of Na Hang, country, northwest, Shanghai Airline, Yun Hang and Dong Hang airliner are in a hall is dealt with, other airline is dealt with in 2 hall; 2 hall handle the flight number of partial Dong Hang at the same time, deal with board the plane in formalities process if encounter difficulty. Arrive namely please the value classmaster bar of 2 1 date, hall requests to assist.
(The northwest horn of 2) classics hall setting out is automatic on staircase 2 buildings, the airport is bought to build cost in population place, each 50 yuan of RMBs (12 years old of the following children are avoided hand in the airport to build cost)
(3) upstair passes safe inspection. Check by identity document, airline ticket, boarding check the identity is checked carry baggage
(4) is entered await engine office to rest, await broadcast announcement to board the plane. If have doubt, but to await the information desk inside engine office to seek advice
2, international airliner:
(1) buys airport tax, each 90 yuan of RMBs (to hold diplomacy passport or the change trains passenger in the pass through the territory of a country inside 24 hours and 12 years old of the following children, avoid collect airport tax)
(2) is ordinal check through wholesome quarantine, safety (the examination consigns baggage randomly) with custom, to the sea Guan Shen newspaper carries article
(3) is worth machine bar in what what take a scheduled flight by passenger ticket and oneself valid passport or proof of other journey certificate are dealt with seize the opportunity formalities (change get boarding check and consign random baggage)
(On 4) 2 buildings fill in a condition card, conduction frontier defence leaves the country inspection procedures
(5) is accepted machine mechanism of constant safety inspection is reached to the passenger the safe examination of baggage
(6) is in await engine office to rest, announcement of broadcast waiting for Hou boards the plane
2, service facilities:
1, ask ask:
(Airport of 1) white cloud is automatic ask phone (4 lines) : 020-86596123 (planted agent) , 86122885
(Airport of 2) white cloud complains a phone: 020-86120691, 86120690
(Airliner of airport of 3) white cloud checks dispatch phone: 020-86596123, 86124500, 86122933, 86122885
2, shop:
White cloud airport awaits area of site of machine building market to achieve 9007 square metre now, management breed achieves 5000 kinds of above, basically product of headgear of fruit, local speciality, book, high-quality goods, gem, electron, sound is waited a moment like goods. "Chime grand " par supermarket is located in international to await machine building 2 buildings, it is the supermarket that faces domestic and international passenger, community and in-house personnel
3, accommodation:
White cloud airport is awaited there is dining room of pattern of Chinese and Western, fast dining room inside machine building more than 10, can be south come the cate that the passenger that north goes to offers all sorts of taste. Guesthouse of white cloud airport is located in await machine building on the west side. Business affairs center has a lot of guest patronage, their some sends mail to family in this, some is handling foreign trade order, have activity of electronic business affairs, some is enjoying the news on the net
4, Yi Deng machine serves:
Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport " Yi Deng machine " the service brought to the passenger brand-new experience: Want you to decide destination only, other issues give " Yi Deng machine " . Sweet, comfortable, considerate service attracted business affairs guest. "Yi Deng machine " service, it is the service of one continuous line that provides honoured guest level for business affairs passenger: From order airline ticket, arrive to be dealt with in the airport board the plane formalities, enjoy business affairs honoured guest to get online airport lounge, freely, take channel of special honoured guest, receive by special send ascend, from the plane, and approach consigns a Li He to leave a port extraction baggage, reserve a hotel, buy on sb's behalf hand letter follow-up of person specially assigned for a task serves. "Yi Deng machine " service phone serves a hot line: 020-86132888
3, traffic facilities:
1, schedule of airport regular bus (course: The airport----Civil aviaton booking office (Guangzhou railway station east side) the first: 5: 40 leave for civil aviaton booking office from the airport (Guangzhou railway station east side) 6: 20 leave for class of end of white cloud airport from civil aviaton booking office: End to the airliner.
2, note: Normal time-interval half hours, if the person sends a car at any time more,end to the airliner. Branch of Wu of customer service of travel of joint-stock company of white cloud airport is on duty phone: 86123727

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