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Tourist city travel off-season discount tickets discount airfare 5
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This week, tickets are some of the major routes hit a four-half of the amount. Like to Sanya, Haikou, Kunming, Xi'an and some other tourist cities ticket prices are about 5 fold. November, Hainan Airlines is also to launch flights originating in Hangzhou city promotions. November 8 to November 30, Hangzhou - Sanya discount airline tickets the lowest 3 (530 million) from; Hangzhou - Beijing route minimum of 4 fold (460 million) from; Hangzhou - the sea route minimum 5 discount (770 dollars) from; Hangzhou - Harbin least 5 fold (950 million) from; Hangzhou - Guangzhou route minimum 6 fold (630 million) from; Hangzhou - Taiyuan, the lowest route 6 Pack (580) onwards; Hangzhou - Xi'an route minimum 6 fold (680 million) from .
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