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High-speed rail can not be a member of the example of noble train ticket disco
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Rail fare airline tickets twice actually, ordinary people can not afford the "noble train!" CPPCC member and president of Liaoning Provincial Diabetes Treatment Center in his speech that Feng Shiliang, follow the plane discount, promotion High Speed Rail tickets. "Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail first-class fare is 780 yuan, 490 yuan second-class fare. Air, Wuhan to Guangzhou, 260 yuan recent minimum local fare." Feng Shiliang said earlier line from Wuhan to Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan to Shenzhen, Wuhan and Changsha, all point to point train or face the outage, many people will have to choose high-speed rail. Feng Shiliang recommendations should be given high-speed rail positioning. If the public good nature, it must cut prices; if the profit nature, it can not cut down cheaper trains, so Zuobu Qi High Speed Rail passengers can buy cheap tickets. He built Proposed, should allow high-speed rail like an airplane, allowing various forms of ticket discounts; same paragraph should also have different discount fares.
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