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Boat exhibits entrance ticket is my design -- the architect is shared win the bi
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Cummer polls for me on the net, in also be being smoked award.

-- Chang Jianhua of student bill architect

On June 6 birthday that day, I know I got 6000 yuan of bonus!

-- adult bill architect boasts in Feng

Take the watch for a chance that I bought bonus to admire in the heart immediately!

-- Lin Zhenna of domestic ticket architect

Boat of the 7th China is exhibited want to begin immediately, entrance ticket also began fervent book. Can do you know this designs the story of elegant entrance ticket backside? Yesterday (16) day, the reporter interviewed boat to exhibit the architect of 3 entrance ticket, shared them to succeed " win the bid " the gratification that wins 6000 yuan of large award!

Bear the palm of adult bill architect lets him forget emotional setback

June 6 is Feng Zhongyao's birthday, the adult ticket that he is informed his design work to obtain the 7th boat to exhibit entrance ticket in this day namely the first. "Very happy really. " Feng Zhongyao is laughing to tell a reporter, "That paragraph of him time feeling encounters a few twists and turns, the mood is very gloomy, it is this good news lets him happy rise. It is this good news lets him happy rise..

Feng Zhongyao is Guangdong luxuriant celebrity, this year 22 years old, be engaged in a network designing the job, design boat extends entrance ticket or first time. "Searched to look with respect to the appearance of entrance ticket ticket before 6 after signing up on the net, intimate ability telling the other emerges victorious in every battle! " Feng Zhongyao says, boat exhibits inevitable meeting to let a person associate to Bai Yun, blue sky, but direct expression too straight white, so oneself foil with respect to benefit coloring colour. In addition, exhibit to highlight Zhuhai and boat, the photograph fishing daughter and plane, satellite, rocket applies Feng Zhongyao to go up to ticket appearance in great quantities.

Original he did not think of meeting bear the palm, but discovery announces on the net 20 in be seleted list, many have him, expectant mood came. "Often think in the heart, ' can be me! ' " till June 6 Feng Zhongyao birthday that day, sponsor square phone to give him " add on happy event happy event " , he still dare not believe a bit at that time, him feeling is too lucky. Only regret is, job of the boast in Feng is too busy, do not have an opportunity to visit boat to exhibit the spot, "The entrance ticket that I think to see me design very much is done is what appearance. "The entrance ticket that I think to see me design very much is done is what appearance..

Cummer of student bill architect also model of the plane in benefit from association with sb or sth

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