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Investigation of global aviation passenger shows hurriedly of self-help service
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Company of this group of telecommunications of aviation of net dispatch international (the following abbreviation " SITA " ) , the solution of banner IT business affairs inside world aviation carrying trade and communication serve a provider, announced findings of passenger of aviation of the 3rd whole world now. Investigation shows, be in the 6 big airports with 5 the busiest continent, self-help service already made passenger first selection, and the self-help service problem that solves baggage is the biggest challenge that at present self-help service faces.

Begin from 2005, SITA undertakes to demand of global aviation passenger the system is investigated every year. SITA 2008 year service of self-help of passenger of aviation carriage whole world investigates individual choice American Atlanta Hacifeierde - Paris of Jackson International Airport, Indian Bombay International Airport, France Moscow of Dai Gaole airport, Russia is much, came in April this year those who take many 100 airline is interview deep during May, 2143 passengers that represent 60 many states.

Mr Chen Ziming says general manager of division of SITA company China: "Self-help service presents volatile growth in rising market. Be in China, to satisfy year all the transport power of 8.1% grows, self-help orders the service such as ticket and self-help value opportunity imperative. SITA shows in the investigation of global aviation passenger this year, although Indian Internet popularity rate is very low, but the guest that Bombay International Airport still has nearly 20% is worth aircraft service on use net. The person that there is more than 57.6% in sufferring the person that visit ever ordered a ticket through the network, the use of 36% is worth machine or booth of self-help value opportunity on the net too, and the proportion that is willing to be used again is quite high. And the proportion that is willing to be used again is quite high..

Close half the number (48.4% ) suffer the person that visit to express, the issue that baggage handles becomes them to not be willing to use self-help to be worth the biggest obstacle of aircraft service, and this also brought about what the passenger experiences to drop directly, and the play of efficient function when restricting self-help to serve a technology to save. Apparent, to realize aviation industry 80% self-help are worth the target of machine, precondition is the problem that appropriate solves baggage self-help to serve.

In feasible solution, investigation shows the traveler of 47.8% expresses to be willing to use long-range value opportunity and baggage consign a service at the same time in future; The expression of 42.2% is willing to consign a service to pay fee for long-range baggage.

   Autonomy and diaphaneity

This investigation entered the 3rd year, investigation limits covered the airport with important whole world. The data this year shows the passenger needs more autonomy. Be asked when the passenger in arrangement the journey reachs the element that when booking, values most, formalities can be dealt with on the net (42.5% ) rank the 3rd, be next to the price (70.5% ) with airliner journey (63.1% ) .
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