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International aviation carriage association is about to do away with control of
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"The main item that an everybody needs to know -- we think international airline is all the time most one of industries of internationalization, but look from company control angle, this industry is however actually least of all the industry of internationalization. " on October 27, istanbul, international aviation carries association (International Air Transport Association, IATA, abbreviation " international boat assist " ) " free agenda peak is met " chairman Jeff Shane to in the spot and the each country media that participate in through real time phone, say or state with certainty so.

This one by international boat assist drive held summit to meet, strive for the whole world the delegate of 14 countries and European parliament is participated in, the total a secretary in charge of sth of IATA holds presiding apparitor concurrently to compare Xiniyani (Giovanni Bisignani) propose the restriction that resolves each country to cross a country to manage to civil aviaton course of study energetically on the meeting. In other words, international boat assist the hope changes the past 60 come for years, the system of control of current international civil aviaton that rise develops on the foundation of bilateral agreement, be not the management of airline become privileged thoroughly.

Financial seismic sea wave inflicts heavy losses on civil aviaton

"Someone says the money that is dropped fortunately by airline on the history, want over airline to earn the money that come. On the technology for, so say be a mistake: Be in 60 years of in the past, the industry has the average profit margin of 0.3% . " Bixiniyani says, "But the capital cost that the profit margin that we need 7%-8% will come to balance us. Accordingly, correct statement is, airline is in ruined value, and rather than creates value. And rather than creates value..

This one flimsy profit chain was immersed in burst brim 2008. "Be involved in of civil aviaton course of study current credit crisis, the international aviation passenger transport September and freight dropped respectively compared to the same period 2.9% with 7.7% , rate of international seat of honour falls than August 4.4% , to 74.8% . " Bixiniyani discloses. It is reported, this is from 2003 " SARS " since, first time of international passenger traffic volume gives now to fall, this still means the transport power that each airline takes before this to cut down a plan to also cannot catch up with extent of slow down in demand.

Bixiniyani expresses to this, with respect to airline itself, had taken all actions that can take, include to produce work efficiency and fuel efficiency to promote respectively since 2001 64% with 19% , with season cost of blame fuel unit drops 18% , but the 147 dollars that appear for a time this year / the capacity limits that the oil price of the bucket already surmounted airline. He points out, although oil price fall after a rise arrives current 60 dollars / the bucket is the following, the passenger still is met a large number of because of financial seismic sea wave prediction of a person's luck in a given year, this leads a number to get test and verify from afore-mentioned guest.
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