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International boat assist the Cheng of free summit meeting that successful end i
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This net dispatch Istanbul -- international aviation carries association (IATA, the following abbreviation " international boat assist " ) the Cheng of free summit meeting that ended successfully a few days ago to be held this in Istanbul. The delegate that comes from 14 countries and European parliament attended this peak to meet, do one's best opens the issue such as advantageous position of the droit of the market admittance of course of study of international civil aviation and airline, control further.

Thing of international boat assistant manager grows Mr Bixiniyani (Giovanni Bisignani) say: "Right this year for aviation industry unusual. Facing July the 147 dollars of oil price apogee / bucket, with today's global banking crisis, aviation industry is badly in need of having normal commercial tool like other industry, can be benefited from which cast off predicament. Can be benefited from which cast off predicament..

The target of Cheng of free summit meeting is, search for airline widen the method of commercial freedom, it is market admittance for example, enter international capital market to wait. This second peak is met and state without the regulation.

Mr Bixiniyani says: "Bencihui discusses be a success. Each country represents the issue that discussed droit and market admittance frankly and sincerely. We invited 15 to be in the delegate with aviation policy the freest respect, also reached 3 the mainest results. Hurried of the ginseng person that meet asks international boat assist the meeting is held the 2nd times in 9 the beginning of the year, continue to advance this to discuss, discuss this turn into the action. They try international boat even assist the development that promotes policy of a multilateral agreement, each country general can borrow this strong policy to convey mutual idea and method. Finally, the person that attend the meeting agrees to extend liberalized optimal way, make all countries and area OK share come here the openest agreement of second negotiation. Make all countries and area OK share come here the openest agreement of second negotiation..

Mr Bixiniyani emphasizes, each country must take action as soon as possible. "Look at present the state of banking, they are in a lot of countries became state-owned company inside a week. We had seen the new nationalization of Argentine airline, but be not us to want. We did not ask any aid, participate in an industry morely without demand government also to manage in the center. And each country government is making safe, security, forestall and environmental level field, all holding the position of important role. What we appeal on the weekend originally, like just hoping to be able to let airline resemble other international company, free land is run " , mr Bixiniyani says.

"Whole aviation industry is in the crisis in the center, the industry is badly in need of change. I believe, our hope and government produced resonance. We had begun the operation, I believe to will help aviation carrying trade build a dovisher financial environment " , mr Bixiniyani says.
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