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Goods warehouse system and ETERM interface check formally
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This net dispatch (reporter: Scoop up? recently, moving room of system of base of operation of Beijing of boat of course home products and in communicate actively what boat believes, system of warehouse of goods of Beijing operation base and in make one's bow of interface of system of boat letter ETERM tests level.

Of goods warehouse system and ETERM system interface build, can reduce the workload that produces a section greatly, because input the error that causes 2 times artificially,avoid effectively, improve manufacturing efficiency, come to the working program of original loaded down with trivial details replace by an instruction. Got the accord to manufacturing branch reputably.

The success of two systems interface is built, indicate the pull current Cheng of a base of operation of Beijing of home products boat gets simplifying effectively not only, make moving room of system of Beijing operation base simplifies this kind through the technology at the same time the ability of business flow got be reflectinged adequately!

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