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Hai Hang will set south in Guangzhou headquarters will throw 50 planes inside 3
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Guangzhou municipal government and limited company of sea boat group (HNA Group, abbreviation " sea boat group " ) 23 days of evening sign agreement of strategic collaboration framework in big talk. Chen Feng of president of bureau of director of sea boat group discloses on signing ceremony, hainan aviation Inc. (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, abbreviation " Hai Hang " ) southern headquarters will be set in Guangzhou, throw the transport power of 50 planes 3 years, become the airline that stands side by side in Guangzhou airport and Na Hang.

It is reported, the cooperative agreement that Guangzhou municipal government and sea boat group sign makes clear, both sides will devote oneself to the development of Guangzhou airport economy, headquarters economy, it is engine with aviation carrying trade, do do strong aviation maintenance, freight greatly content shedding, aviation distributes base of headquarters of company of eat, aviation, " aviation travels " wait for relevant industry. Both sides promotes Guangzhou the position in countrywide aviation domain and consequence further through cooperating, the development of group of stimulative sea boat, win-win of mutually beneficial of seek both sides.

Chen Feng expresses, guangzhou is hubs of 3 old liaison man, regional world airport also is on certain level, the investment climate of Guangzhou gets used to big company grow. Outside aviation industry, hai Hang still will expand hotel line of business in Guangzhou, build content to shed a center.

The speech says Guangzhou mayor Zhang Anning, hai Hang is entered be stationed in Guangzhou, shed course of study to will have very big stimulative effect to the aviation industry of Guangzhou, content. Guangzhou has the requirement that makes international content shed a center, guangzhou government is happy to provide good service for business development.

In April 2006, hai Hang establishs Guangzhou branch in Guangzhou, build aviation to run base. Come two many years, hai Hang and Guangzhou city cooperate actively, increase the business that is in Guangzhou area to extend strength stage by stage, increasing aviation transport power while, established Guangzhou early or late course of study of Hai Hang buy of hotel of boat of the sea central, Guangzhou the enterprise such as limited company.

Register the development that the sea boat group in big talk passes the ground 15 years, rank the 4th in course of study of Chinese civil aviaton at present, total assets evens more 70 billion yuan, year income crosses 23 billion yuan, own many 170 aircraft. Hai Hang already established northward base headquarters in Beijing 2007.

Hainan vice-governor forest general plan, big talk is standing deputy mayor Zhang Lei today (23 days) witnessed an autograph to arrange a ceremony together.

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