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Airline of 500 strong Hainan becomes Chinese pay taxes Hainan is exclusive on en
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The author recently from " Chinese duty Wu " magazine company learns, 500 strong pop chart announce pay taxes of group of industry of 2007 year China, limited company of sea boat group with pay taxes seven hundred and eleven million nine hundred and seventy thousand yuan, rank 500 strong the 223rd, it is Hainan the industry group that exclusive flourish publishs this pop chart.

As we have learned, the whole nation shared 2500 industries group to provide relevant pay taxes data, bureau of revenue of state of course each district, cess Wu is strict examine and verify, pay taxes of group of trade of the state-owend enterprise in was being rolled out finally 500 strong pop chart. Pay taxes of group of industry of 2007 year China 500 strong pay taxes are total one thousand four hundred and thirty-six billion five hundred and eighty-four million yuan, 29.05% what take countrywide revenue income. Pay taxes all times a revenue income that to came on January 1, 2007 industry group real pay entered the treasury on December 31, 2007. The limited company of sea boat group that Hainan saves with pay taxes seven hundred and eleven million nine hundred and seventy thousand yuan, rank 500 strong the 223rd.

According to introducing, this pop chart dash forward the integral actual strength that showed industry group, social all circles gives higher opinion. Basically have: It is pay taxes data already was become measure industry economy actual strength, take a letter to be mixed at the client social community, show good figure and brand value most one of core index. The data of 2 all pay taxes that are pop chart out state revenue is in charge of a branch, it is with forehead of actual put in storage accurate, have taller authority, accuracy, just sex and objectivity. 3 it is to release pop chart, can arouse enterprise and individual lawfully the enthusiasm of pay taxes; Can give people a proper judge level, avoid an enterprise to undertake highbrow outstanding achievement is publicized, understand and superintend what enhance pair of company reputation, those who be social credit build provide basic data data, raise credit level of the society; Can the growth range according to fortune, strengthen dwarf of those pair of fortune giant, pay taxes lawfully the superintendency strength of pay taxes. (duty announce)

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