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Hang Dongchun airliner plans 18 to add begin navigation line newly south
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October of Guangzhou of China News Service 23 days of report (red of Guo Jun king) the reporter learns from Chinese southern airline today, this company's new wintry spring airliner plans to already was rolled out at present, from this year October rises 26 days to stopped on March 28 to next year.

In this boat season, na Hang plans 18 to open line newly, the order volume that arranges every week is 7688, grow 12.15% compared to the same period. In plan of new wintry spring airliner, not only model is more excellent, route network is more perfect, be the same as fortune force and market match degree taller, change trains joins the opportunity is more.

In Chinese home market, na Hang will increase transport power of key market course throw further, and open up course of travel of many wintry spring. To Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen the course between 4 big markets, measure with etc travel passenger flow big, the line with big demand of passenger of business affairs high end, the boat austral spring basically adopts the winter to increase a number newly, reasonable hour layout and the means that optimize type, advantage is offerred for the passenger on time choice.

In international course respect, the boat austral wintry spring reachs Paris, Guangzhou to Sydney, Guangzhou to los angeles, Guangzhou in Guangzhou enlighten do obeisance to, Guangzhou comes to Tokyo, Guangzhou key international spread cables waits to strengthen a key to join in heart, the sieve singles out passenger discharge and Na Hang amount of acceptance of consignment is large, and the airliner that can join effectively, join to turning among them time undertakes optimizing. If Guangzhou Manila goes back and forth between course to cancel pass the night, cycle is adjusted for 2, 4, 5, 7, in order to join los angeles, enlighten do obeisance to course, guangzhou reachs Sydney, Guangzhou to will carry out two ground non-stop flight to in wintry spring to Melbourne course.

Meanwhile, guangzhou comes enlighten do obeisance to, Guangzhou comes in heart, Beijing comes an Er, Shenyang reachs Guangzhou to reach Phnom Penh, Beijing to reach Manila, Beijing to Guangzhou to Xiamen to Guangzhou to kuala lumpur, Beijing to Singapore, Fuzhou to Guangzhou inside the river, Wuhan comes to Guangzhou Hu Zhiming, guangzhou reachs an Er and Guangzhou to go back and forth between course to be arranged everyday to Bangkok reach 2.

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