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Dong Hang adds Copenhagen line newly
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Report from our correspondent (Shen Xiaocheng of reporter Wang Zhiyan's reporter) Dong Hang is announced yesterday came 2008 wintry spring airliner planned 2009. Arrive from October 26 next year during March 28, dong Hang will plan to execute flight mission according to new airliner, add line of many home international.

Dong Hang will be in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ning Bo, increase to go there and back 1 class everyday on Shenzhen course; In Hefei, Beijing, Ning Bo, increase to go there and back 1 class everyday on Beijing course; In Shanghai, 1 increases to go there and back everyday on Guiyang course; Shanghai of new open up to Shaanxi the course of Yu forest, every week 3. Dong Hang still will increase Shanghai to Copenhagen course in new boat season, this course is former Shanghai to Frankfurt course outspread, since October 29, every week 3, Zhou Wu opens 1 to go each Cheng, every week 4, each fly a return trip Saturday.

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