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Boat Xinjiang company renews line of two Hainan travel south
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This net dispatch: Rose on October 26, 2008, domestic civil aviaton will implement plan of wintry spring airliner. From Na Hang Xinjiang branch understands, after airliner of wintry spring change garments according to the season plans to carry out, branch of Na Hang Xinjiang still throws line operation with the transport power of 32 planes, week flight number measures home east the line makes an appointment with 130, border inside about 120, international airliner makes an appointment with 35.

Change as season, hainan travel enters peak period, boat Xinjiang branch will be south in season of wintry spring boat, restore to carry out course of 2 Hainan travel, urumqi -- Xi'an -- 3 inferior, Urumqi -- Taiyuan -- big talk, two course will be north and south of two ground turn over seasonal travel to offer optimal alternative. Urumqi - Xi'an - 3 inferior airliner, airliner date CZ6987/8, by Boeing 737 type hold fly, 16: 55 take off from Urumqi, 20: 10 arrive at Xi'an; 21: 10 take off from Xi'an, 23: 55 arrive 3 inferior; Return trip airliner 09: 00 from 3 inferior take off, 12: 00 arrive at Xi'an, 12: 50 take off from Xi'an, 16: 20 arrive at Urumqi. Urumqi - Taiyuan - big talk airliner, airliner date CZ6957/8, by Boeing 737 type hold fly, 09: 05 take off from Urumqi, 12: 10 arrive at Taiyuan, 13: 05 take off from Taiyuan, 16: 25 arrive at big talk; Return trip airliner 17: 10 take off from big talk, 20: 30 arrive at Taiyuan, 21: 20 take off from Taiyuan, morrow 0: 55 arrive at Urumqi.

Besides above two course, the time that boat Xinjiang branch returns pair of other line south was done adjust. Urumqi, Beijing is adjusted for every week 21, among them the morning shift Urumqi that airliner date is CZ6901 - Beijing, takeoff time 10: 30; Urumqi, Shanghai is adjusted for every week 7, takeoff time 09: 50; Urumqi - Guangzhou is weekly 14, urumqi - Kunming is weekly 7, urumqi - Chengdu is weekly 14, airliner hour is with schedule of change garments according to the season accurate.

According to Na Hang relevant personage introduces, change garments according to the season of civil aviaton airliner is annual two, namely: Summerly autumn airliner is surely annual by March the last on Sunday to the end of October the last on Saturday; Wintry spring airliner is surely in those days by October the last on Sunday to the end of the 2nd year March the last on Saturday. After schedule of new wintry spring airliner is carried out, na Hang all is adjusted somewhat on course and airliner run time, generally speaking, of summerly autumn airliner seize the opportunity to always want to compare wintry spring airliner to shift to an earlier date somewhat, the passenger should affirm before seize the opportunity seize the opportunity date and the circumstance of trends of real time airliner of takeoff time and airport, so that you are successful,seize the opportunity. The detail seeks advice from Na Hang to sell service hot line please 95539. (king skyline)
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