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Fujian airport express opens Na Ping- - Fuzhou airport express
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This net dispatch: Now (on October 21) case, na Ping's passenger takes a plane to will endure what flounder backs a car to rush about no longer to Fuzhou airport pains, take company of Fujian airport express new enlightened Na Ping- - bus of Fuzhou airport express can arrive directly at the airport to await machine building.

As we have learned, long-term since, the passenger that the area levels the land south changes by way of Fuzhou hind the car of airport line for special use of the Apollo inside city heads for the airport mostly, or it is to adopt the means that rent a car to head for the airport, cost is high, time-consuming long. Some passengers suffer time to restrict, need in advance one day to be in even Fuzhou pass the night, the efficient and quick sex that sky letting boat carries sells at a discount greatly.

The site of the beginning and the end of this express awaits machine building and Na Ping passenger station for the airport, whole journey high speed is nonstop, the specific time that send a car is car of Na Ping hair 03: 30, 06: 30, 10: 30 with 13: 30, fare 75 yuan, the journey makes an appointment with 248 kilometers, cost. For favourable passenger, before 100 when take this special railway line passengers that buy a ticket still will be enjoyed 6 lose fare privilege.

It is reported, as airport highway be open to traffic since, fuzhou airport is dedicated to making the ground transportation network of the fast that enclothes complete province, already opened express of and other places of blessing Qing Dynasty, Lian Jiang, Pu Tian, Ning De, Na Ping at present. "Company of subordinate Fujian airport express still will debut in succession henceforth to provincial the circuitry of each district, let a passenger walk out of the express bus that the airport goes to before the door can sit, enjoy the advantage that carries to aviation truly. "The relevant controller of airport express introduces to the reporter.

Fujian airport express carries limited company (predecessor is limited company of passenger transport of Fuzhou airport bus) own a label the of all kinds passenger car with unified, car good condition, have the department that through professional aviation the service grooms to take a rank, long-term since provided the passenger transport service with safe and comfortable, standard convenient feature for the passenger, make the first selection that takes airport express bus to go back and forth between the airport to become broad fare. (Dong Xuan, Zhou Yihua)

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