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Aviation of the age since 26 days opens Shanghai newly - Fuzhou course
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Meng Jin of reporter of website of news of civil aviaton of newspaper of Chinese civil aviaton, China, Bai Bei reports: Age aviation will on October 26, 2008 change garments according to the season of season of wintry spring boat rises first days, bridge of rainbow of enlightened " Shanghai - course of blessing bey happy " .

As we have learned, age aerial Shanghai - Fuzhou course everyday, from Shanghai takeoff time is 18: 45, takeoff time of Fuzhou return trip is 20: 45, airliner date is 9C8851/52 respectively. Age aviation still rolls out consistent importunate on new line ticket of 99 series special offer, shanghai - Fuzhou special offer mixes 199 yuan for 99 yuan, it is respectively 1.3 and 2.6 fold, special offer does not contain fuel machine to build, consumer can land age website to buy only. Put a quantity on annual average not under 10% , off-season Shi Kechao passes 30% .

Shanghai - the line that the beatitude of the 2nd Shanghai that Fuzhou is age aviation open up builds. On October 30, 2005, age aviation open up Shanghai - Xiamen course, airliner quantity from initial stage increase growth 4 classes ceaselessly every week, from 2007 second half of the year rises to already grew to everyday 4, guest rate and accrual maintain the level that comparing ideal.

Rise in aviation cost and suffer economy to add fast below the condition that puts delay to bring about demand to drop considerably, age aviation still holds to the management course of rate of low fare tall guest, age field discloses, each course carried 95% tall guest rate of the left and right sides 2008. To answer increasingly austere profit coast, age aviation is considering drawing lessons from the experience of international aviation industry, demand of passenger of farther fractionize aviation, in maintain ceaselessly or reduce basic fare while, according to diverse demand of the passenger, offer of all kinds collect fees service. Give a cost in order to reduce the aviation of average fare, the individual character that satisfies different passenger at the same time serves demand.

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