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Shanghai restores date to defer to charter flight of general auspicious island t
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The Shanghai that morning paper dispatch restores 20 days month originally surely formerly comes Shanghai Airline charter flight of Pu Jidao, because Thailand condition continues,be immersed in queasy lieutenant general to be deferred further recently to on November 1. Till yesterday, shanghai Airline and Dong Hang the charter flight of general auspicious island of two airline already grounding of aircraft a many months. Because Thailand condition variable is quite much, tourist psychology is affected, after the time that charter flight of general auspicious island restores also is pushed again and again. Before this, although Shanghai Airline decides on October 20 the left and right sides resumes charter flight for a time, but because the market swims to Thailand line is overall response is cool, next month reachs after the date that charter flight restores is pushed again first.

It is reported, below the circumstance that is in suspensive condition in Shanghai Airline and charter flight of island of auspicious of Dong Hang general, at present Shanghai tourist heads for Pu Jidao to wait for Thailand travel ground, the form that can choose a favourable turn of Xian Feiman Gu Zai only normally reachs destination, among them the airline such as boat of Shanghai Airline, peaceful still moves in as usual to the airliner of Bangkok from Shanghai. The personage inside course of study thinks at the same time, thailand swims tourist amount drops quickly outside the influencing factor besides local political situation, thailand swims open time product of long, travel is relatively dated also be one of reasons. Thailand goes vacationing burgeoningly it is certain that although had,island of ground Su Mei, Hua Xin, Qing Dynasty strides and other places famous degree, but amount of the tourist on attraction Shanghai is total very finite still. (reporter Li Baohua)

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