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Chongqing opens flight number of airport of bridge of consummate sea rainbow 26
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Dispatch of China dragon net (Wu Haidong of reporter of learn on job 14 days 10: 45 reports) the flight number that Oriental airline will reach airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge at opening Chongqing on October 26. The reporter learns from airport of Chongqing river north now, this line is arranged by civil aviation bureau, also be Chongqing airport 5 years since open flight number of Shanghai rainbow bridge first.

Introduce according to airport working personnel, this airliner will be carried out by airbus A319, everyday hold fly to 1, chongqing is MU5568 to date of airliner of Shanghai rainbow bridge, chongqing takeoff time is midday 12: 05, the time that reachs airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge is 15: 45; Airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge is MU5567 to Chongqing airliner date, shanghai takeoff time is a morning 07: 45, arrive at Chongqing airport time for 11: 15. It is reported, the flight number that this airliner fare and discount case all reach Pudong airport with Chongqing is uniform.

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