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Dong Hang opens Shanghai, Copenhagen course
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Zhu Yan of reporter of report from our correspondent, Wei Jiyang, Li Qing reports: 1, dong Hang will open Shanghai, Copenhagen course. This course is Dong Hang has Shanghai, the outspread line of Frankfurt course going there and back, hold flying type is A332. Go Cheng airliner MU297 is weekly 3, 5 23 when take off 55 minutes from Shanghai Pudong airport, via stopping German Frankfurt airport, local time 8 when reach Danish Copenhagen airport 35 minutes. MU298 of return scheduled flight is weekly 4, 6 local time 10 when take off 45 minutes from Copenhagen airport, via stopping Frankfurt airport, at Beijing time 8 when return Shanghai Pudong airport.
As we have learned, be those who celebrate a boat is successful enlightened, dong Hang will roll out by a definite date the favourable fare of two months, arrived on October 29, 2008 namely during the end of the year, from Shanghai periphery the area goes back and forth between Copenhagen, can enjoy the indulgence price that tourist class has carry out 3640 yuan.

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