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Charter flight increases Nanjing again every week on the weekend
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[Nanjing daily reports] (reporter Qin Xiao calls Liu Xiaolian of Xie Zhen's trainee) Nanjing goes to a travel to because of charter flight transport power is not worth and be brought about " queue up " phenomenon, will change greatly since next month. Reporter yesterday (13 days) understand from concerned respect, inc. of Taiwan China aviation (abbreviation " Hua Hang " ) decision, from next month 1 day rises to order Guangzhou ship charter flight move one is nodded to Nanjing boat, fly to Nanjing from Taiwan peach garden in the morning every Saturday, return that day afternoon. So far, the two sides that adds weekly You Donghang to carry out on the weekend charter flight, weekly Nanjing will have two charter flight to fly to Taipei.

   Charter flight transport power is insufficient, "Taiwan swims " discharge cue for a time

As we have learned, set out from Nanjing " Taiwan swims " , 1000 people are in the Ceng Youjin at the beginning of the month on " queue up " expect charter flight, get the ability at the beginning of November the most quickly to embark on a journey. At present although the circumstance alleviates somewhat, but if go to the guest of a travel to hope to be multiplied from Nanjing,charter flight flies to Taipei directly on the weekend, if signing up now, still must wait on the time of a month.

"Every week charter flight is far cannot satisfy cross-strait dweller to erupt the travel demand of type. " disclose according to the personage inside tourism, on July 4 up to now, the number of the travel that go to a stage that Nanjing organizes every week exceeds 80 people, but because Dong Hang seat number is nervous, can provide 40 seat numbers to tourism group only at most every week. Cannot take the visitor of charter flight, can pass Dragon Air only or Macao aerial airliner, go to a stage from Hong Kong or Macao a favourable turn.

But, nanjing area is had exclusively go to a stage to swim form a delegation personage of the brigade in the Jiangsu province of aptitude expresses, although the charge of a favourable turn and charter flight cost match, but journey much waste time a many hour, most guest is not willing, would rather queue up to wait.

   Take a fancy to market potential, china boat charter flight changes flying Nanjing

In go to a stage to swim continuously hot while, taiwan will could there be the tourist also is increasing, city tourism bureau discloses, this number already rose 3 to become since September.

The potential of passenger source market of two ground, make Taiwan China airline enchanted to the charter flight market of Nanjing unceasingly. The reporter was in Wang Minjing place to confirm from China airline public relations yesterday, next month begins 1 day, china airline goes there and back airport of garden of enlightened Taipei peach airport of Nanjing salary mouth on the weekend charter flight course, fly with A330-300 type every Saturday an order, will share 5 numbers going there and back in November.
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