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Baotou airport opens Baotou, Zhengzhou, Chongqing new line
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Xinhua net Huhhot special telegram learned from Baotou airport company on October 12, since October 9, baotou airport opens Baotou -- Zhengzhou -- Chongqing course.

This course by Sichuan airline hold fly, this also is plain boat participates in Baotou area aviation to carry business first. The debuts to reach its periphery area to strengthening Baotou and Zhengzhou, Chongqing connection of this course and communication will produce positive effect.

The Baotou with plain enlightened boat -- Zhengzhou -- Chongqing course, schedule is daily, airliner date is 3 U8866 ?5, by ERJ-145 type hold fly. This airliner 12 when take off 20 minutes by Chongqing airport, 13 when arrive at Zhengzhou 50 minutes, 14 when take off 30 minutes from Zhengzhou, 15 when arrive at Baotou 40 minutes; 16 when take off 20 minutes from Baotou, 17 when arrive at Zhengzhou 40 minutes, 18 when take off 20 minutes from Zhengzhou, 19 when return Chongqing 50 minutes. As we have learned, at present this airliner Baotou -- Zhengzhou, Baotou -- Chongqing all has a share 5 lose airline ticket. (Bai Bing, Yuan Peng flies)

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