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New enlightened Yierkucike reachs Hai Hang Beijing course
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Ci of library of Er of Yi of RUSNEWS.CN of Russian new network overcomes an aerial liner that airline of electric China Hainan opened to reach Beijing from Yierkucike since 10 days on October 10. This is director of commerce of airport of gram of Ci of Yi Er library blame Li Kuerjiukefu to the reporter denotive.

Kuerjiukefu says, yierkucike reachs Beijing course is weekly two, by Boeing - 737-800 plane is carried out. Return dicket price is 16000 to 18000 ruble.

Hainan airline is the 2nd big airline of Chinese. This company announced to debut last year every week two " Yierkucike - Beijing - Yierkucike " course.

Ci of Yi Er library overcomes the airport to was 1 million passenger to provide a service in all 2007, among them 75 thousand passengers fly to China. Kuerjiukefu expresses, at present seat of honour leads the flight number that flies to China highest. Shared about 30 thousand passenger to pass Yierkucike 2005 the airport goes back and forth between Yueluosi and China. This one word achieved 65 thousand 2006.

Kuerjiukefu says, this is the to China travel that grows increasingly as a result of Russia citizen and business affairs interest.

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