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Na Hang lowest of 19 course airline ticket 3 fold Zhengzhou to fly to Beijing 21
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Channel of xinhua net Henan question is big on October 10 a network of waterways - Henan business signs up for a report: It is very cheap that this month goes to Beijing by air, dozen fold airline ticket to want 210 yuan only.

Came on October 6 on October 20, na Hang is on 19 course such as Xiamen, Harbin, Guiyang, Kunming, Chengdu, Beijing, rolled out low to the 3 special offer airline ticket that lose. Zhengzhou -- Xiamen 360 yuan, zhengzhou -- Harbin 600 yuan, zhengzhou -- Kunming 490 yuan, zhengzhou -- Chengdu 330 yuan, zhengzhou -- Beijing 210 yuan.

Airline ticket of special offer of Cheng going there and back sells time longer, arrive to be able to be bought on December 31 since this day, zhengzhou -- big talk 1040 yuan, zhengzhou -- Guilin 840 yuan.

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